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Are Customer Reviews Important, Especially For Restaurants ? Part 2

Part 2 of Are Customer Reviews Important For Restaurants.

Part 1 can be read here.

4. How Do We Find Out What is Being Said About Us on These Review Sites?

The first thing that any business should do is to Google its own business name. Click through the first few links that pop up about your business, just to get a feel for the type of things being said about your company.
Note if it’s good or bad, what kinds of things people are saying and where they are saying them. Don’t panic! No matter how good or bad things seem; everything is repairable.

While you’re doing this, consider what a potential customer would think about your company if he or she was learning about you for the first time on the web. Are these links giving you positive social proof? Or are they like the people badmouthing you at the party?

The next thing you should do is check out the review sites listed above to get into the nitty-gritty of customer reviews. But first; brace yourself!

Some customer reviews on sites like Yelp are notoriously harsh. Even the best businesses in the world are bound to have at least one negative review.

A certain amount of negative customer reviews are fine – to be expected, even – so long as they are balanced out by some good ones. A potential customer will need to see some good reviews if he or she is to take a chance on your company.

5. Should We Actively Ask My Customers for Reviews? If So, How?

Absolutely. If you have legitimately satisfied your customers, then why shouldn’t you ask them to write a customer review for your business?

As long as you’re doing your job, satisfying customers, giving them a positive experience with your business, then your customers would probably have no problem writing about it on Yelp.

The important thing to remember with this stuff is to ask for customer reviews tactfully. Don’t just ask every single person who walks into your establishment to write you up.

To return to the party metaphor, this would be like if a new person at a party walked up to every guest and said, “Please like me, please like me, tell all your friends how good I am!”

This would be desperate. This party guest would be laughed out of the room, with everyone pointing and saying, “What’s wrong with that guy?”

Asking for a customer review should come about naturally… Talk to your staff about recognizing opportunities to suggest that customers write a review. If your staff has the right touch, and you train them correctly, the positive reviews should start streaming in.


6. We Do Have Some Positive Reviews… How Do We Let People Know About Them?

There are numerous places where you can share your positive reviews. You can try posting them in your establishment. A printed out customer review shows potential customers that you value your relationships with your customers, and that you are committed to providing them with a great product.

It shows that you care about your customer’s experience. Just remember to be careful with this type of thing. Print out too many customer reviews, and you might come across to your customers as gloating.

You can also link to these reviews on your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter. With the interconnections of our Web 2.0 digital environment, posting and sharing reviews is easier than ever. All you have to do is perform a couple of clicks, and your beaming reviews will be there for all your customers to see.

And why stop there? Positive customer experiences should be milked for all they’re worth, so link to them on your business’s website.
This way, if anyone goes to your website looking for more information, they will see your positive reviews there as well.

If you’re really happy about a customer review, you can post it on the front page of your website, or publish videos on your YouTube page informing people about them.

Check in tomorrow for Part 3, the final part of this blog series.

If you are still unsure about what to do about customer reviews – or want to learn more about how they can impact your company, I can help.
Contact me for a free no-obligation consultation so we can see where you stand and what needs to be done to build a strong, solid stream of customer reviews for your company.

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