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Tips For Claiming Your Restaurant’s Local Directory Listings

If you have started an online marketing campaign for your restaurant, then one of the first things you will want to do is to claim your restaurant’s local directory listing. These listing have replaced the old “Yellow Pages” and are one of the main ways in which customers look for restaurants today. In order to make sure your establishment shows up whenever potential customers search for a place to eat in your area, claim your restaurant’s local directory listings on as many platforms as possible. This is similar to...

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Keeping Your Online Reputation Intact

So, just how important is your business’s online reputation ? According to many resources, VERY IMPORTANT. Today’s Manta Tip Of The Day says, “You Can’t Buy Love: Keep Your Reputation Intact“. (Link opens a new tab/window) If you want to check to see what your online reputation looks like, try our FREE Online Reputation Report. USUKCAAUIENZ     (Link opens a new tab/window) No obligation, just FREE...

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Video Marketing – How Important is it ?

Are you using Video Marketing to increase your brand exposure ? Video is huge ! Otherwise, Google would not have purchased YouTube. Check out the sample videos that we can create for you on our Video Samples page.

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Free Local Business Marketing Tips Software

Are you looking for marketing tips for your local business ? Well, we have just the thing for you. Download our FREE Marketing Tips Software today !!! Local-Biz-Software

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