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Free Local Business Marketing Tips Software

Are you looking for marketing tips for your local business ? Well, we have just the thing for you. Download our FREE Marketing Tips Software today !!! Local-Biz-Software

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Does Your Business Need A Mobile Website ?

Imagine navigating to a website to find out information about a local product, service, or business. Now, imagine once you get to your intended site, it takes five minutes load. After what seems like a never-ending wait time, you are greeted with broken graphics and features that won’t load correctly. Now imagine how you feel about a company who presents this type of website to represent their brand. Unfortunately, many mobile users run into this scenario on a daily basis. Although a business website may eventually load for...

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Mobile And Text Message Marketing – Low Investment, High ROI

Why Mobile Marketing? Mobile phones are now an inseparable part of human existence and many people would almost go crazy if they went without their smartphones for a day. Mobile marketers understand the unique bond shared between a person and their smartphone; so it’s incredibly easy to advertise on a device that is taken everywhere a person goes without a second thought. According to some studies, the average day for people with smartphones looks like this: • Most mobile phone users look at their device within 15 minutes...

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Using Mobile Marketing To Convert FB Likes Into Loyal Customers

Many businesses in today’s world utilize Social Media as a means of promoting their business. Many businesses also have a Facebook page, with varying numbers of “Likes”. However, are they doing anything with those “Likes” ? Rarely have I seen any businesses that are doing anything to turn those Likes into $$, or better yet, into loyal customers. Yet, with the use of Mobile Marketing, this can be done for relatively low cost compared to other means of advertising. Everywhere you look these days, you...

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