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Mobile And Text Message Marketing – Low Investment, High ROI

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile phones are now an inseparable part of human existence and many people would almost go crazy if they went without their smartphones for a day.

Mobile marketers understand the unique bond shared between a person and their smartphone; so it’s incredibly easy to advertise on a device that is taken everywhere a person goes without a second thought.

According to some studies, the average day for people with smartphones looks like this:

• Most mobile phone users look at their device within 15 minutes of waking up.

• Most smartphones are used to visit the internet (i.e. while people are at the gym or shopping or ordering a meal at a nice restaurant).

• Most mobile phone users use the device to check their email several times per day.

Perhaps one of the most important facts is that smartphones are always online and they can carry massive amounts of data without the need for ridiculous amounts of storage. This means people can use them to perform a large variety of functions like finding directions to the hottest nightclub, searching online for the best lasagna recipe, messaging friends on their whereabouts, and more.

Its versatile functionality means there are multiple ways to advertise your product that does not feel like a spam message destined for the trash bin.

Many people today send text messages more than they actually talk on their mobile devices. That’s because text messaging is a fast and convenient way to communicate. It even has its own shorthand and lingo for moments when writing a full coherent sentence is impossible.

Text marketing also comes in handy at times when speaking on the phone is not possible or is inconvenient. For instance, if you’re in a crowded movie theatre or are too busy to hold a phone up to your ear, text messaging is the perfect way to communicate.

Why bother coming up with a catchy slogan or celebrity endorser when new-age digital advertising has changed from 30 second television commercials to three second text messaging protocols?

Your customer-base constantly evolves with the technology they use; and right now, almost no one can be caught without a smartphone.

With mobile marketing expertise guiding you towards better days, you can expect a stronger response from your marketing efforts because:

• Consumers today actually WANT to receive special offers on their mobile devices. Imagine your customers not having to search for your business because you’ve already sent a hot coupon offer straight to their phones.

• You can easily analyze the sales growth from your mobile coupons because you’re only sending them to a select number of customers. You can track how many use the coupon and compare it to overall trends.

• Smartphones are quickly becoming the next mass medium. Due to the fact that desktop and laptop computer usage require a certain level of stability, mobile phones have an edge because they offer the world in a tiny handheld device.

• Advertising campaigns using text messages are almost always read within minutes when they arrive on a smartphone. You can’t get that much coverage when television commercials can be skipped and radio stations can be changed during commercials.

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