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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing allows you to tap into the wide spread popularity of text messaging. Since people tend to keep cell phones with them at all times, you will have unprecedented access to your customers.

Text messaging is already a popular activity with people, but it is steadily gaining popularity. Many people thought new smartphone technology would stifle the growth of text messaging. But even though smartphones make it easier than ever to use email, social networking sites and instant messengers, text messaging is still gaining in popularity.

When you decide to invest in a text message marketing campaign, you know that you won’t be committing to a lame duck technology. Your “bang-for-your-buck” will in all likelihood grow over the coming years, due to the predicted increase in text message use overall.

There is no wasted cost because you will only be sending text offers to people who have already proven to be interested in your offers. Imagine how much money you would save if you could ensure only interested leads got your direct mail campaigns, or saw your flyers.

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